Eligibility requirements

Who can apply for funding?

The Sustainable Cities Fund provides funding for the implementation of eligible urban development and tourism projects to the following beneficiaries:

Energy efficiency

Owners of apartments in family residential buildings (up to 6 apartments), incl. individuals having a legitimate interest in this building.     

Universities and legal entities, managing university dormitories

Other legal entities, having legal status, which allows them to apply for funding.

Urban development

Eligible for funding are all beneficiaries who implement eligible urban development activities (including their operators, public and private companies and public-private partnerships) in one of the following areas: Urban Transport; Urban environment; Areas with potential for economic development; Sports infrastructure; Cultural infrastructure.

Tourism and cultural heritage

Public and private organizations and public - private partnerships (individuals or legal entities), incl. representatives of religious institutions who are owners or implement eligible activities within sites, related to the restoration and preservation of cultural heritage.

What kind of projects are funded? 

Priority Axis 1 - "Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development" (PA1), eligible activities are:

  • Increasing of the energy efficiency in family residential buildings and university dormitories - a minimum EE class "C" and a reduction in energy consumption of over 60%.
  • Development of environmentally friendly and sustainable urban transport - traffic management plans and integrated transport systems, street networks, pedestrian and bicycle areas, car parks, etc.;
  • improving the quality of the urban environment - parks, zoos, playgrounds, markets, city squares, alleys and sidewalks, etc.;
  • development of sports and cultural infrastructure - sports halls, swimming pools, football fields, stadiums, cultural centers, theaters, libraries, opera houses, galleries, exhibition halls etc.;
  • investments in areas with potential for economic development - construction and repair of business and industrial zones, technical infrastructure, etc.

Priority Axis 6 "Regional Tourism" (PA6) provides investment for tourism projects, related to cultural heritage sites of "national or global significance" - development of tourist product, tourist infrastructure - alleys, paths, visitor centers, small-scale technical infrastructure, etc. The complete list of the cultural monuments of national importance can be found here.