Combined financial support

When it is possible?

Combination of support is intended for projects that do not have the potential to generate sufficient revenues in order to receive funding only through financial instruments and need additional grant support in order to prove to be financially viable.

What is the scope of the combination of support?

  • Priority Axis 1 - combination of support is available for projects in the field of cultural infrastructure and energy efficiency of university dormitories within investment priorities 4c and 9a of Priority Axis 1 "Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development" and in case the project initiator is eligible for funding under the respective Operational Programme „Regions in growth” 2014-2020 scheme.
  • Priority axis 6 - projects aimed at conservation, preservation, promotion and development of cultural heritage through the development of fully accomplished and integrated tourist products for immovable cultural value (s) of national or global importance on the territory of the whole country, are financed entirely with support from FI (where the project has sufficient return on investment potential) or with combined support (grant and FI) under two separate operations, if the project promoter is eligible for funding with the Grant under the respective Operational programme „Regions in growth“ 2014-2020 scheme.

How to apply?

  1. The applicant for funding shall submit to the Fund an application form and a business plan, according to the requirements of the SCF. The form contains information about the project activities and the expected contribution to the achievement of the indicators for the respective investment priorities of the Operational Programme „Regions in growth” and the investment policy of the SCF, as well as a description of the costs that will be financed by the FI on the one hand and which will be financed by the Grant , from another.
  2. The SCF experts evaluate the project proposal and the business plan, including eligibility of activities and costs for financing through FI, business plan parameters, creditworthiness, collateral, contribution to indicators in Investment Policy of the SCF and others, and give a concrete conclusion on the need and amount of the complementary Grant to ensure the viability of the project. In the case of projects under Priority Axis 6 "Regional Tourism", the experts of the SCF shall calculate in accordance with Art. (5) of Regulation (EC) No 651/2014 and the gross grant equivalent of the part of the funding provided by the Financial instrument.
  3. Upon completion of the assessment by the SCF on the necessary grant to ensure the financial viability of the project, the applicant submits the project proposal through UMIS 2020 for assessment by the MA (Managing Authority), updating if necessary their project proposal with respect to the requested grant. - If the MA of the Operational programme „Regions in growth“ establishes the ineligible activities/costs included in the project proposal, MA requires the applicant to revise the scope/budget of the project proposal, for which the applicant shall promptly notify the SCF.
  4. The combination is carried out with a clear distinction between the eligible activities and the costs of the two types of support, including VAT.