Urban mobility

The project of “eMobility International” AD – “Urban electro mobility” contributes towards the development of the integrated urban transport with the aim to introduce sustainable and eco-friendly transport systems. By implementing this project, the company aims to lay the foundations for introduction of more eco-friendly electrical vehicles (EVs) into the Sofia urban transport. The project proposal of “eMobility International” AD envisages creation of an urban electro mobility system, including infrastructure, dispatch center and a fleet of EVs, available for short- and medium-term rental. The goal of the project is to establish a convenient opportunity to rent EVs for urban transportation, while providing all the necessary prerequisites for comfortable use of these vehicles – sufficient and well-positioned charging posts for standard and fast charging. These charging posts can also be used by people that are not using the rental services of the company but have their own EV, which will stimulate the faster introduction of this type of transport in the city.

The loan from FSUD will be used to purchase 25 standard charging posts and software and hardware for the payment system and the dispatch center, which will control and monitor the charging posts and the rental EVs.

Total project value: BGN 2 517 877. Loan from FSUD: BGN 526 125, out of which BGN 263 062.50 (50%) are funds, provided by the OP “Regional development 2007-2013” and the remaining BGN 263 062.50 (50%) are funds, provided by the “Fund for sustainable urban development - FSUD” EAD.

The project is financed with Recycled funds under the JESSICA initiative.