Multifunctional sports complex

The implementation of this project resulted in improvement of the quality of life and the physical environment through constructing a new urban infrastructure for sports, recovery and leisure activities on the territory of Sofia Municipality and in particular within the area of “Vazrajdane", "Zona B-5 4 ". The project envisages construction of a multifunctional sports complex for outdoor sports with area of 23,897 square meters, which will offer a diverse range of services and opportunities for practicing many outdoor sports. There are three playgrounds for mini football, three tennis courts, playground for beach football / beach volleyball, skating rink and hockey, golf streetball and petanque, covered playground for table tennis with 8 tennis tables, playground for children and a playfield. There are also movable stands for about 150 spectator seats. It was built underground and overground infrastructure (sports and alley lighting, irrigation system, drainage system for grounds, water supply and sewerage network, electrical supply). In the complex, about 150 people per hour can do exercises simultaneously. 

Size of the loan from FSUDS: BGN 2 740 127; 50% of the loan amount is provided by OPRD and the remaining 50% is provided by FSUDS. Total project cost: BGN 3 288 152 

The complex was officially opened in August 2015 and the ice rink - in December the same year. 

So far the sports Center has been visited by about 17,000 people. 7 new jobs were created. Many events like corporate sports events, various sporting events and sports championships are organised.