Park „Vuzrajdane”

Park „Vuzrajdane” – I stage - „Sofyiski imoti” EAD

As a result of the project implementation a newly designed green area for public use was built. The project provides conditions for improving the social environment for recreation and family-type entertainment on the territory of Sofia Municipality and in particular in “Vuzrazhdane” region by improving the economic performance of the region in order to attract investments and create new jobs. The total area of the park 52 decares, including over 29,000 square meters of grasslands and over 600 trees - deciduous (maple, birch, magnolia, linden, sycamore, oak) and coniferous (silver spruce, fir and cedar) shrubs and flowers. All these together are watered by an automated irrigation system, built especially for this purpose. The park also has park furnishings that include over 100 benches, litter bins and three drinking fountains. Besides the specially designed for children playground, park “Vuzrajdane” offers other possibilities for games and fun. The main attraction is the so called "dry" fountain. It is especially fun for children because of the great variety of water streams. Each of the streams includes diode illumination that allows different color combinations, which, combined with the various heights and directions of the streams, creates a very interesting water show. Moreover, the “dry” fountain has the ability to generate a so-called "water screen", which is used for projecting videos and movies. The Amphitheater is built and designed mainly for events and performances. 

Size of the loan from FSUDS (stage 1): BGN 1 742 060; 50% of the loan amount is provided by OPRD and the remaining 50% is provided by FSUDS. Total project cost: BGN 3 167 382,28. 

The park was officially opened on April 17, 2016.

Currently, the park is visited by many residents of the neighborhood, including mothers with children, pensioners and young people as well as by residents of other neighborhoods in Sofia. The number of events held in the park “Vuzrajdane” is 7, as some of them are repayable, other free of charge. A total of eight jobs have been created as a result of the implementation of the project. 

This is the first newly constructed park in Sofia in the last 30 years. 

The land, on which park “Vuzrajdane” is located is next to the sport complex, which was also built with the support of FSUDSFSUDS and the JESSICA initiative. The implementation of the two projects is an outstanding example of an integrated approach using the capabilities of EU initiatives and funds. A large area that was deserted for many years has become a center of attraction for sport activities, recreation, socializing and entertainment for residents and guests of Sofia. There are permanent green areas, park spaces and new road surface.